online sleep schoolWhy sleep school online might be your solution when you can’t get into sleep school

Why not try sleep school online if you can’t get into sleep school? Lack of sleep is a very real experience for  parents of new babies. It can create strong feelings of resentment, confusion and blame.

In my experience 99% of families  experience this and feel powerless  to do anything at some stage with a new baby. Many feel it is just a part off having a small baby and they have to just deal with it and  muddle through. 

However, there are ways to  manage sleeplessness and even improve  your experience of it. It just takes a little understanding and practice. 

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sleep school online

Are you getting in your baby’s way?

There are a number of things that impact the quality of sleep you and your baby  achieve. One of them is to help your baby enough without overdoing it and  causing a problem. This can create a problem without you even knowing it.

The frustrating thing for most parents is they are unaware they are doing it. This discovery alone is often the undoing of many a parent. It is also the catalyst for change and doing things differently and better for everyone.

For example, Annie, whom  I helped, had a lightbulb moment during our time working together.

“….. She does not need me to help her – she is doing it all herself without any crying…….. I was getting in her way. …..     As a parent of a former non-sleeping baby/ infant/ toddler, I am totally amazed at how simple it has been to put into place and how liberating it is not to have to run into the bedroom every half an hour to resettle.”

Do you resonate with Annie’s story?

Is  sleep school online the solution?

Responses like this are what has prompted me to create Get Baby Sleeping, a 5-day experience where mums can learn the fundamentals of good sleep and how to achieve it for their baby.

Not everyone needs sleep school. And not everyone who needs it is able to access it. Costs, distance to locations and life in general can often dictate whether sleep school is possible. Sleep school online is the perfect answer.

There is also often some anxiety around being away from home, especially if you have older children.

While I’ve been limited on what I can provide mums through my individual face to face work  here in Queensland, knowing what a difference having this understanding and knowledge makes to families is  the  reason I’ve developed an online version  to help more families find a solution.

As a taster and a way to help mums immediately, I’m providing a

recording of my free webinar

Realistic Settling- what it really takes…

You’re welcome to see it  whether you decide  Baby Sleep School Online is for you or not.

Click here to view the recording of the free webinar

If you’d like to discover key unknown habits and practices that interfere with your baby sleeping easily and repeatedly, watch  the free webinar replay.

We’ll discover another 2 important habits that are crucial to your baby sleeping easily and repeatedly.

Is this approach right for your situation?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you frustrated with your baby not sleeping?
  • Is your baby sleeping sometimes and not others and you are not sure why?
  • Do you want to get the information before you have problems so you can avoid any sleep crises?
  • Are you scared that your only option is to go to sleep school?
  • Do you feel like a failure when your baby has trouble sleeping?
  • Have you tried other ideas and they haven’t worked?
  • Are you just lacking confidence in general  as a parent?


If you answered yes to any of the above, then my approach to helping your baby sleep is for you.

I want to help you feel empowered, confident and most of all energised and like superwoman when it comes to your baby. I want you to really enjoy your experience of being a parent and rock it. I want to make your life easier.


Because you feeling good about yourself helps your baby feel great and happier; your relationships are stronger.  Stronger relationships make happier families. Happier families make better communities. Better communities are healthier. Healthier communities make  stronger, healthier, more cohesive, more positive and productive  cities and countries.

We are all here to make the world better. To contribute. Baby sleep is my gift to the world.

Why this approach is different

I offer you ideas without pushing any.  There are other approaches out there. Some promote strict rules and guidelines to put your baby to bed and when to wake your baby, when to feed and when not to feed strictly by time.  Some promote everything for the baby such as don’t let your baby cry, and hold him or her for sleep always. On offer here is a balance. ( I believe it is more achievable and realistic. I offer you a balanced approach. Let your baby lead  by interpreting his or her behaviours.  However, I am equally on the side of  you, the mother. We need to look after you so that you can look after your baby.

Here’s what others have  experienced.

“You ask the right questions, rather than imposing information…..     You helped me to find some patience, and accept that what was going on was okay. You also suggested a few small adjustments that made a big difference. “  K

“You really, really know your stuff. You understand babies, toddlers, Mums, parents. You are a wealth of incredible, practical, genuinely helpful information in a marketplace saturated by half and partial truths and people pretending to be experts” A

“Really supportive: people feel that you’re on their team, & even if they have lots of hard homework they feel like you’ve been in their corner rather than heaping impossible tasks or expectations on them” G

“ You took away lots of Mum guilt…..which wasn’t what my baby wanted or needed”  J

Whether  you’ve tried other ideas with little success or you  just want some understanding of your baby and sleep, come and join this webinar. It may give you   the one thing you need to make your life easier.

Watch the replay of the webinar here and enjoy a taste of  your own sleep school online at home.

sleep school online