A practical, DIY sleep solution that guides you through the 3-step system for healthy baby sleep habits.

Are you feeling confused and frustrated with your baby’s sleep?
Are you searching for ideas on how to make your baby sleep longer in the day or sleep through the night?
Do you wonder what it takes to have your baby go to bed happy?

Maybe you are looking for realistic expectations of your baby and sleep.

Imagine what it would be like if your baby’s needs all make sense to you. Interpreting your baby’s needs becomes harmonious, rewarding and easy! Everyone feels more energised and happier.

When you’re sleep-deprived, you need a plan that is simple to follow and helps you understand how to get healthy baby sleep habits.

That’s why I have put all my skill and knowledge together in this easy to read ebook.

The Sleep eBook offers 3 steps to getting your baby to sleep easily and peacefully. It’s the start to healthy baby sleep habits for your baby so that bed time is something that is enjoyed and fun.

Inside you’ll find a process that’s designed to be gentle and stress-free for parents and little ones. It’s behaviour-based (which means it’s about learning how to spot your baby’s sleepy cues and time the sleep routine for ideal settling and longer-lasting sleep).

The Sleep eBook is perfect as a tool for frazzled parents, or as a gift for new or prospective mums and dads. It’s also helpful for anyone else who is caring for your baby, including grandparents and baby sitters. Once everyone is on the ‘same page’, the routines will embed quickly and without fuss.

Make today the day you change your baby’s sleeping habits gently and permanently, so you’ll all be sleeping through the night!

Emily is doing so well. I put her in her cot again tonight awake and calm and she put herself to sleep in 6 minutes. She’s really taken to it and made life easy and so enjoyable. She was giggling this afternoon too. Explaining her fussing and noises before she sleeps has made such a difference. I know so much more and how to help her now. On the routine she is feeding and sleeping so well. Lets hope she keeps this up.

Thanks for your help. You’ve changed our days so much.

Sarah & Emily Scott, Brisbane May 2013

 Easy, peaceful baby sleep

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