Are you confused with your newborn baby sleep pattern? A good baby sleep routine may not mean changing baby sleep habits but tweaking already good ones. Here is your ultimate personalised baby sleep program over one month including all resources, hand holding, the best followup and support of any sleep specialist.

Do you have questions about your baby’s sleep and confused by all the information out there?

Others are talking about making or changing baby sleep habits but you have no idea what they are talking about?

Are you scared that your baby is or will become completely reliant on you for sleep every time?

Are you wondering if you are already cementing bad sleep habits for your baby?

Maybe you’re wondering if there is a different way to help your baby sleep that still gives your little one comfort and security without harsh methods. A way that you feel comfortable with and gets the results you seek with someone you trust.

Just imagine if the ideas you follow are proven, simple, natural and flexible giving you the confidence that not only are your baby’s needs met but yours are too.


The truth is the vast majority of parents struggle through unnecessary weeks, months and sometimes years of interrupted nights and sleep deprivation. They simply have never learned how to read their baby’s cues accurately nor do they learn what is realistic to expect.

I have been helping families for over 20 years and when they understand what their baby is telling them it transforms their lives. The bonus is that not only does your baby’s sleep patterns improve but your baby’s routine falls into place easily.


Here’s what else you’ll get:


  • How to easily adjust your day to baby’s sleep routine for maximum success
  • Changing baby sleep habits as your baby grows with ease and success
  • Easily trouble shoot when baby won’t sleep
  • Interpret all your baby’s needs with confidence
  • Cover appropriate development for age of your baby
  • What to expect and how to improve if needed
  • All aspects of feeding- bottle, breast, food

No more guessing, feeling alone, scared and confused. I’ll hold your hand & set you up for success from our first get together.

Hi Leisa. I followed your advice this morning and had a win for her morning sleep. Thank you. You provide such great advice. 

I had another quick win for A’s afternoon sleep. Just went in once to say sleep time and gave her a little pat for a few seconds. She put herself to sleep in 15 minutes and no major crying. I just want to say your advice is brilliant and spot on. You do have a gift as your website says. Will keep in touch and hopefully A will keep this up. Thank you again.

Changing baby sleep habits

Finally it all makes sense. Interpreting your baby’s needs is so much easier, harmonious and rewarding. Everyone feels better and happier.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to transform your day of frustration and anxiety to one of pure bliss.

If you prefer one-on-one guidance and support for your baby sleep solution or questions, you are in the right place. We can arrange Sleep Consultations via Skype and help you recognise and understand all your baby’s sleep signs, behaviours and needs.

With support, you’ll implement your own personalised plan of flexible, gentle and effective strategies and watch as your little one’s sleep habits are transformed. Ask questions, seek feedback—gain the confidence you’re craving as a parent and the extra hours of sleep that you all need.


All personalised consultations include:


  • The Sleep eBook
  • The Sleep eCourse
  • 4 hours of Skype calls
  • Extra resources and tips for changing baby sleep habits
  • Email/text/phone follow-up twice weekly in addition to our sessions

Hi Leisa. I followed your advice this morning and had a win for her morning sleep. Thank you. You provide such great advice. 

Sophie is a delightful 9 week old baby. Sophie loves to feed from mum’s breast non-stop. Sophie has had catnaps all her life, usually in mum’s arms and at the breast. Overnight Sophie sleeps with Mum, and Dad is sometimes present, but increasingly going to the spare room to sleep. Feeding takes about 1 and a half hours each time. Overnight, Sophie feeds every 2 hours.

Five days after the second consult, Sophie is now waking only once at night for a feed and self-settling back to sleep, feeding within 30 minutes, and is starting to self-settle for more sleeps. Mum is feeling fantastic, Dad is happy and back in bed with mum. They continue to utilize the values and practices that are important to them while at the same time balancing them with some simple guidelines we have put in place.



Success Stories

Matty was 8 months of age. Mum was exhausted and dreading sleep times. Sleep involved being breastfed and then rocked on mums knee and then mum sitting with her there for 2-3 hours until she woke up. At night, Matty would wake frequently and mum would bring her into bed to feed and to cuddle so that she could at least get some sleep.

After my first visit Matty was asleep in her cot all night after a little bit of help to settle in the early evening. Mum was over the moon the next morning. After 4 days, Mattie was easily going into her cot for sleeps during the day. Mum was really pleased that she took the plunge even though she was nervous about making any changes. Now sleep is something that isn’t associated with dread because mum and Matty each know what to do now that we have created new habits for sleep. Matty is happier, and mum is happier too. Mum is enrolling in Uni next year, something she thought she wouldn’t be able to do for at least 2 more years.

Success Stories

No more guess-work.

Bring a baby sleep professional on board and transform your baby’s sleep. And yours!

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