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No more bracing yourself for another frustrating 24 hours of ineffective settling, grizzling and broken sleep. Your life as a mum doesn’t have to be this difficult.

You can begin to get on top of your baby’s sleep issues today. The solutions offered here are respectful to you and to your baby. They’re flexible, simple and effective.

Together, we can work through what’s wrong, learn what your baby is doing and figure out the most peaceful way to transform sleep time for the long term.

Imagine the difference it will make when your baby self-settles, sleeps deeply and wakes happily.

Sleep eBook

A practical, DIY baby sleep solution that guides you through the 3-step system for helping your baby sleep.


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Sleep eCourse

The Sleep eBook PLUS four instructional videos to guide you through the 3-step sleep process.



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Sleep Consultation via Skype

A personalised program over one month including the Sleep eBook, Sleep eCourse, 4 hours of skype calls, plus resources and follow-up twice weekly by email and text.

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Leisa is very personable and set me (and my husband) at ease almost immediately. She is very accepting, open and a good listener. She got me breast feeding E without pain after one visit even though I had seen countless (ok, 5 LCs plus countless midwives) other LCs for help previously! I keep recommending her everywhere I go!





Steve & Nat Flood

Leisa is to the point and efficient, she’s supportive and effective at following up. She knowledgeable without being pushy, sensitive & reassuring and relaxed & calming. She asks the right questions, rather than imposing information. Leisa has helped me to find some patience, and accept that what was going on was okay. She has suggested a few small adjustments that has made a big difference.




Kim Beckinsale

10 week old Emily was feeding a bit all over the place and sleeping on and off. In the early weeks things were going really well and over the last few weeks, sleep was getting more scarce and stressful. Mum was even starting to dread it. No-one was getting to bed before 11 pm. With a few tweaks and some help, she is now sleeping regularly in the day, going to bed easily without fuss and settling earlier in the evening. Her parents can now eat dinner together, enjoy it and finish before dinner gets cold. All this happened after only 3 days of tweaking.

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