How I can make your baby sleep longer in one session

You can help your baby sleep longer.  Read on to find out more…

 lengthen baby's sleep

help your baby sleep longer

Adults and babies have sleep cycles. We have light sleep and deep sleep and move in and out of

these cycles as we nap in the day and sleep at night.

Newborn babies

Baby sleep cycles are a bit different – they can be much shorter and babies can be much more

active between cycles.


A common sleep mistake is for parents to notice their baby stir between sleep cycles and believe

that they are awake – they then pick them up and continue to go about their day with an

overtired, cranky baby…

Baby sleep longer

It’s not done on purpose.  Often it’s a subconscious reaction to pick up your baby at the slightest  noise.  I think it’s partly the problem of our  perfectionistic   society in the Western world.  We are quick to lay blame, to compete and to compare that it can spill over into parenting too.  Parents often feel that if their baby cries or is noisy that they have to do something before it all gets out of hand. For parents of newborn babies it is often just having no  knowledge about babies behaviours, needs and wants.


Sometimes it is just a phase,  a part of a cycle and will pass. Sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t have to be confusing and time consuming.

Learning how to tell the difference and even to predict it, is one of the keys skills  for fantastic baby sleep.

That’s the good news. It is all learnable by you and your baby.  It doesn’t take that long to work it out once you know how.

Ps   .Remember though that  there is no such thing as perfect. There will always be opportunity to disrupt what you have worked hard at.  The  great thing is  that once your baby knows what to do, those times when it goes  awry get back on track again much quicker.

You can make your baby sleep longer with a little know how.    Contact  me here today and I look forward to helping you.