Why knowing your role as a parent is critical to avoid baby sleep problems


Have you tried all sorts of things to solve some of your baby sleep problems? Maybe you’ve gotten so wound up, frustrated, confused and just beside yourself that you have both ended up crying from exhaustion and just feeling “done”

Sometimes in our efforts to help or do better, we actually make things worse. 


baby relaxed ready for sleep

 Make baby sleep

Your job as a parent is not to ‘make’ your baby sleep. You can’t.

Let that go. Don’t stress and overstep your role.

Do your part well and then relax.

Parent’s role

– Provide a safe sleep space

– Help baby learn about sleep

– Understand, watch for and respond to tired cues

– Provide a calm and consistent bedtime routine

Baby’s role

– Learn about sleep

– Learn sleep associations and routine

– Relax and fall asleep

– Stay asleep

– Wake when ready


Newborn baby care

Things go awry if –  you  don’t recognise sleep cycles and perhaps get baby up too early.  Perhaps you don’t recognise tired cues and put baby down to early or too late. Sometimes you don’t allow baby space to relax and fall asleep.

These are all common parent-baby sleep miscommunications. I often hear  people say “ I have to put my baby to sleep now.  They insist on ‘putting baby to sleep’.  This could be the very thing that is undoing all  your good intentions and practices.

Remember my mantra” Your job is to offer- your baby’s job is to accept.  If you can follow your baby’s lead, your baby sleep problems will become a thing of the past.


Ps  We totally understand that it’s hard working out this baby sleep stuff.  That’s why we are here to help whenever you are ready here

With acknowledgement to Ellyn Satter.