3 Reasons  to add  your baby sleep routine into  your  parenting  bag of tricks

 sleep routine for baby

baby sleep routine


 Baby sleep Routine -Aaahhh…  This is enough to make even the most formidable parent cringe.

 It doesn’t have to though.

You see, baby sleep routine has had  too much bad press in recent years. Probably for it’s lifetime in fact.

Unfortunately it is all  mis understood.  Let me help clear it up.


Baby sleep routine

Baby sleep routines have had bad press since we started the practice of waking babies at certain times and  putting him or her to bed at certain times of the day because  that was the routine that we thought would suit our day.

For some babies this would be ok. However for the majority  it  usually won’t quite work. It would be quite close, however when you use the clock to determine when your baby needs to go to bed, it completely disregards what your baby is up to.

 That means  your baby is forced to do something that he or she  may not be ready for.

 On the other hand if we develop a baby sleep routine that  is determined by your baby, you will find a very different outcome.


Baby sleeping

Baby sleep routines  are meant to be patterns for your baby around sleep time.  These patterns or routines simply  teach your baby that it is soon time for sleep.  When that happens it is one more step in the process of teaching your baby  about sleep so that  sleep becomes a breeze.


Why would we want to develop a helpful baby sleep routine?

*No more screaming  from baby at sleep time

 *no more frustration and second guessing from you about what to do.

*Better sleep for your baby

Aren’t they 3 great reasons to have a great sleep routine?

 When you  develop  the baby sleep routine that  suits you and your baby  sleep times become easy and more fun.  

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