get baby sleeping

Get baby sleeping – What happened this week to get a baby sleeping better.

Get baby sleeping

This week I  answered a request to help  this family get baby sleeping better. This is their 2nd baby. It wasn’t all bad. In fact it was really pretty good – the sleep that is!!

He was sleeping ok at night, having 2 daytime sleep, going to bed by 6 in the evening and sleeping through the night mostly.

Sounds good right?.

Yes, on the surface, however if we chatted some more, he was also screaming before going to bed each time, really fighting afternoon sleep and gradually becoming more and more clingy.

What to do for easy baby sleep

After  nutting out what has and hasn’t been happening and tried, with or without success, we decided to tweak a few things. The first – to  give a bit more opportunity for sleep in the day.

Remember when we are trying to get a baby to sleep better it is all trial and error within the principles of sleep.  What works with one won’t necessarily work with another.

It’s been 2 days and  we have reduced the crying before bed but we are not there yet. He is still fighting afternoon sleep.

We are tweaking a bit more and over the next few days we will see how it all goes. Then I suspect we will tweak some more.

Sleep habits

I  believe we will improve this baby’s sleep experience. It may take a little longer than we’d prefer but that’s how we change things  for the long term. It’s about creating new habits and routines so that everyone knows what is going on when and why.

I will update you with this story in the next week or two.

For now though we are concentrating on reducing the angst for everyone by  getting this baby to sleep better.

ps to learn more about your baby sleeping this e book is a great place to start. Here’s the link


get baby sleeping