Help your baby sleep for longer—without hours of crying.

Are you confused about why your baby won’t sleep?


Want to start every day feeling energised AND have a happy baby who sleeps?


Imagine easily knowing the what, how and why of helping your baby get the rest that he or she needs to grow and be happy?


With the bonus that you’ll feel more confident and sane too.


If you have already tried lots of theories, you’ll know that it can be confusing and frustrating. I am not here to tell you that it’s easy. Like all things worthwhile it takes some learning and a little time.

What I can  tell you is that it gets easier once you understand how it works and what your baby is telling you. I have helped thousands of families with this exact struggle time and time again.

And now it is your turn to get your baby sleeping.

Are you feeling frustrated about your baby’s sleep?

Exhausted and secretly dreading your baby’s sleep times?

Confused about conflicting information out there?

Unsure if the source is truly trusted, experienced or qualified?

No time to sift through research and work out if it will work for you?

As a parent of a former non-sleeping baby/ infant/ toddler I am totally amazed at how simple it has been to put into place and how liberating it is not to have to run into the bedroom every half an hour to resettle.”

Antonia & L

Just want to drop in and say a big “thank you” for your help with little Maxwell. he is now has more rest during the day and sleep longer during the night 🙂 after reading so many books and online articles, for you to come and let me know what to look for his body language, has helping me understand it much more. And also let me know that allowing your children to express their frustration and anger whilst still supporting them – physically and emotionally – is completely different then just let them crying like no tomorrow. Now I have a super happy bub and yes restful self too 🙂

Szuting McCallum, Bardon, Qld

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed with where to start and maybe  going a little crazy?


When I first started helping parents with their baby sleeping peacefully and easily it was really confusing for me. Here I was supposed to be helping parents and I was as confused as they were.

There was so much conflicting information out there, I didn’t know what to tell them. And when I did find good information – it wasn’t enough- it led me to more questions than answers.  I just didn’t feel right in recommending any of my clients to invest in something that just didn’t give the full picture and that I couldn’t trust completely. 

I know how I felt, I can only imagine how even more scary this would be for you.  After all, your baby is most precious to you in the whole wide world and most  parents,  more than anything, want to do what is right for their baby at every stage.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to wake up in the morning feeling fresh, energised and ready to tackle anything that comes to you in your day knowing that both you and your baby have sleep conquered?


To solve this problem, I have put all my research and experience together and come up with this 3 Step System to get your baby sleeping peacefully.

* No more second guessing what to do to help your baby sleep longer.

* No more frustration when you have tried everything and nothing is working.

In this program you will learn all you need to know about sleep to help your baby sleep easily, wake happy and enjoy your days together. 

  Here’s just some of what you’ll learn….


  • You’ll follow behaviour based ideas to help guide your baby towards  happy sleep which leads towards happy wake time.
  • You’ll follow  natures principles of sleep so you’ll feel confident  that you are doing no harm to your baby.
  • You will know how to trouble shoot  those odd times when things  get out of whack- as they do  when we live our life.
  • And you’ll only do things that feel right for you.

Plus lot’s more…..

“Hi Leisa. I followed your advice this morning and had a win for her morning sleep. Thank you. You provide such great advice. 

I had another quick win for A’s afternoon sleep. Just went in once to say sleep time and gave her a little pat for a few seconds. She put herself to sleep in 15 minutes and no major crying.

I just want to say your advice is brilliant and spot on.

 You do have a gift as your website says. Will keep in touch and hopefully A will keep this up.

Thank you again.”

How the course is set out:

Get Ready For:

Video 1 – Recognise early and late tired signs (22.26)

Get ready for: More confidence as a parent

Video 2 – Develop helpful sleep habits

Get ready for: Baby easily goes to sleep without screaming

  Video 3 – Allow an opportunity to self settle. (17.11)

Get ready for: More happy time in your day

Video 4 – Bonus – Help your baby feel secure

Get ready for: Manage some me time for your self

Video 5 – Bonus – See early tired signs in 8 day old


Get ready to: Save your sanity

When you join you’ll get access to:

 *   5 online Videos to view at your leisure as many times as you like

2 weeks ago we asked Leisa help us with L and her sleeping – naptimes and nighttime. After putting three key objectives into place her sleeping and feeding routine and associations began to change within the first 4 days and by making two further adjustments on Tuesday this week, I am happy to report that, although we are still a work in progress, L has slept all night for the past 3 nights (waking for 2 feeds only and then going straight back to sleep) and napped for 3 WHOLE HOURS (just in one nap not to mention the other 2 naps she had today…) this afternoon. She can resettle herself without any interferring, she was woken twice last night by her sister and yet I didn’t need to do anything, she just went back to sleep on her own. She does not need me to help her – she is doing it all herself without any crying. I was getting in her way. The only thing now is for her to drift off in under an hour, she’s otherwise quite happy playing with her new found friends, her feet!

Antonia & L

There are so many reasons why this works and why it is the number one system to solve your frustrations with you baby’s sleep.


You will also get access to these 4 x BONUS Webinars:

Simple and powerful video training to get your baby sleeping.

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How do you know if it will work for you?

Check here to see if you qualify for this program to get the life of your dreams with your baby.

  • Are you frustrated with the amount of time you are spending getting your baby to sleep?
  • Is your baby sleeping for only short periods of time and then waking again?
  • Is your baby crying for hours before finally going to sleep?
  • Are you dreading your baby’s sleep times?
  • Are you ready to change the way your baby goes to sleep?
  • Are you ready to take action and move from frustration and dread to freedom and bliss when it comes to your baby and sleep?
  • Are you ready to reclaim some time in your day for the things you love?
  • Are you looking for a personalised, non prescriptive, flexible solution to your baby’s sleep needs?
  • Maybe you are just finding out what options are out there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program will transform your life.

Join the hordes of confident relaxed parents just like the happy customers below, after using these strategies.

Hi Leisa,

We’re still doing very well – as per my previous email, I’ve been sick in hospital getting my gallbladder removed and she’s had 2 x sleepovers @ a friend’s place – she even went to sleep in their cot without dummies/patting/any sort of assisstance. So Addie is doing very well I think. She’s been a bit unsettled some of the time, but I guess that is to be expected; one minute I’m there, the next I’m not 🙂

I still owe you so much – she’s doing so well – am very proud of her. Thanks again!

I’m happy & proud to have utilised your help & you’ve been a godsend – I will tell anyone who listens!!!


Thanks again for today Leisa!  You’ve given me so much confidence now to help Ebony!! You were wonderful  baby sleeping soundly after not too much fussing.

Heidi and Ebony Denner, Ormiston

Thanks so much! It’s definitely progressing so will let you know if it changes. Thanks again for all your help and support!  It has been soooo amazingly helpful and has given me much more confidence as a mum!!

Heidi and Ebony Denner, Ormiston

This is probably not for you if:


  • You are happy doing what you are doing
  • You are not looking for other ideas for your baby and sleep
  • You are not ready to put in the  effort required to make  some changes to the way things are with your baby and sleep right now
  • You are looking for an overnight success outcome
  • You or your baby are unwell- including  depressive type illnesses. Address those issues first then these ideas will be suitable

One happy mumma here!  You’ve given me my life back. For the first time yesterday I was lost. I’d down everything I needed to do, Emerson was down & asleep, we’d eaten food & I used to go to bed early but though what the heck I’ll watch some tv – the first time in ~5mths – crazy I know.  And guess what – there was nothing to watch on tv!

Carmen & E

Hi, I’m Leisa.

I’m here to help you enjoy your baby and regain your sense of YOU.

The mums I meet are often at wits’ end. They’ve done everything they can think of to help their babies get to sleep and nothing’s working. They’re tired and overwhelmed and often they’re struggling to find time even to fit in a shower or a cup of tea.

Come 4pm they’re often still in pyjamas, wondering what happened to the day—and why it seems easier for other parents. They’re wishing for just one good night, or a single afternoon without crying…

For 18 years, I’ve worked as a baby sleep specialist, helping families find the best ways for their babies to sleep. My settling strategies are all behaviour based. It’s about learning to understand your baby and recognise the ideal time to put them to bed to encourage the kind of no-fuss, deep sleep you thought only existed on nappy commercials.

Once your baby’s sleep problems are fixed, these thoughts often disappear. The bond between you and your baby gets stronger. You start to enjoy your days much more, and feel ‘human’ again.

I’ve never met a parent who didn’t love it when they got their baby sleeping.

Stop struggling. We can fix this together.


What can I expect?
A program packed full of all the essentials you need to  help your baby sleep longer and more soundly. There are a number of videos where you can learn  exactly how  sleep works, how to follow your baby’s lead and how to help not hinder your baby getting to sleep. Each video is  no longer than  about 20 minutes so that you can learn  as you go in snippets of time being a busy mum.

Save hours of time researching and trying different  things and provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to  get your baby sleeping quicker and longer.

Feel confident as a parent and in giving  your baby what he or she needs by following the principles you’ll learn.

You can go at your own speed,  however long  that takes you. Plus you can revisit the information as  many times as you like.

What date does the program start?
You can start today.  You’ll  receive immediate access to all information via emails and links. The course is available  continuously and you have access to ALL materials pretty much straight after your payment is processed for a year.
How much time will it take to see results?
It is different depending on age of your baby, what is happening and what you want to happen around your baby and sleep. Most people see a difference within a few days, with significant  differences obvious after about 2-3 days. It takes all of us up to 3 weeks to really implement a new habit. Expect some back ward steps as you go along however take heart- it is a normal part of learning.
I’m not very technical, will I be able to do this program?
Absolutely! As long as you are open to learning new things you will be fine. If you can click a mouse you can do this.
What happens when I enroll + pay?
You will automatically be signed up to the membership site and get access pretty much straight after your payment is processed via email.
What if I discover that this course isn’t for me, will I be able to get a refund?
I’ve put everything I know & learned  over 20 years, my heart and soul into this course, and I truly believe in the value it provides. This is a self directed course and the onus is on you to implement the ideas and strategies provided.   I am  providing you access to all my experience, knowledge and skill- thus holding up my end of the  deal. There are no refunds for any of my products except where required by Australian Consumer Law.

The strategies and ideas you’ll learn  from my 3 simple steps to get baby sleeping will help your baby sleep longer and more deeply.  It requires consistency and staying power to implement these ideas for a long enough time to  experience  sustained changes in already  set unhelpful habits. the younger your baby the quicker you will get results.  The  benefits you experience will be much more than you  imagine. As long as you’re prepared to commit to the learning process and  stay the course you will  see the results you are after.

Please note that ‘change of mind’ refunds are not permitted according to Australian Consumer Law.

Refunds must be requested in writing to within 30 days of the course purchase date to be eligible.

The Sleep eCourse takes you through the 3-step system designed to help you teach your baby to self-settle and sleep for longer—without hours of crying. This is your guide through the 3-step sleep process to get your baby sleeping.


You’ll receive the Sleep eBook PLUS 4 videos + 4 webinars + a Tracking Sheet available for instant download, each designed to help you understand what your baby or young child is doing before and at sleep time.


Learn how to break through unproductive habits and create new sleep routines that you and your baby will love.

Simple and powerful video training to get your baby sleeping.

Get Access to the Sleep eCourse for $97

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