baby-sleep routine

mum and baby smiling

Baby sleep routine can be tricky to work out.  Today  I am continuing on from last post about  getting a baby to sleep better even though it wasn’t all that bad to begin with.

As with everything when we are  changing things it is usually a bit of trial and error, tweaking here and there to get the  outcome we are after. Remember it takes a bit of time to work out the best routine for your baby’s sleep.

Changing baby sleep habits

In this case , this family was almost there- doing really well in fact. We just did some minor changes to see how we could improve  the whole sleep experience for this family. To recap,  this baby was having  pretty good sleeps but was screaming and fighting  each one, making it  a drag for the whole family. Not to mention that  this baby was also not feeling great about  going to sleep. Our goal is to find the best baby sleep routine for this baby.

Happy baby

When I left off last time, we had  been working on giving him more opportunities for sleep.  At first it went back wards which is pretty typical. Then  we tweaked some more.   Now he is going to bed happy. He is having better and more sleeps in his day. Generally is happier all round. His family are more relaxed too.

One of the biggest myths about baby sleep is  that  routine means at a certain time in the day. For example baby sleeps at 9 .00.12.00 and 3.00. This may work, however we like routine to be more about  what your baby needs and tells you rather than  what tie of the day he or she “should” sleep.

So the moral of the story? The best baby sleep routine for your baby is the one that suits him or her. It sometimes takes a bit of time to work this out but once you do it is pure bliss.

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