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Hi, I’m Leisa.

I’m here to help you enjoy your baby and regain your sense of YOU.

The mums I meet are often at wits’ end. They’ve done everything they can think of to help their babies get to sleep and nothing’s working. They’re tired and overwhelmed and often they’re struggling to find time even to fit in a shower or a cup of tea.

Come 4pm they’re often still in pyjamas, wondering what happened to the day—and why it seems easier for other parents. They’re wishing for just one good night, or a single afternoon without crying…

For 18 years, I’ve worked as a baby sleep specialist, helping families find the best ways for their babies to sleep. My settling strategies are all behaviour based. It’s about learning to understand your baby and recognise the ideal time to put them to bed to encourage the kind of no-fuss, deep sleep you thought only existed on nappy commercials.

Baby sleep patterns

You are best rested when your baby is rested and happy.


This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. There are no rules and ‘musts’. There’s definitely no judgement. I’ll meet your family exactly where you are with your baby sleep problems and we’ll begin from there.

You’re at your best as a mum when you’re rested. You are best rested when your baby is.

We all need good-quality sleep to function well in our daily lives. Lots of the private, impatient thoughts we have about ourselves, our babies and our families can make us feel isolated and sad:

I’m the only one struggling

I didn’t know it would be this hard

I’m jealous of my old life…

Once your baby’s sleep problems are fixed, these thoughts often disappear. The bond between you and your baby gets stronger. You start to enjoy your days much more, and feel ‘human’ again.

I’ve never met a baby who couldn’t learn to sleep, or a parent who didn’t love it when they did.


Stop struggling. We can fix this together.


Leisa really, really knows her stuff. She understands babies, toddlers, mums, parents. She is a wealth of incredible, practical, genuinely helpful information in a marketplace saturated by half and partial truths and people pretending to be experts.

She speaks very well and get lots of content across in a smooth, orderly way that is engaging and educational without being overwhelming. She takes a holistic approach and examine all the issues.

Leisa helps people in ways that suit them, rather than in the ‘one right way’ – very different from the ABA, Child Health, etc.  She’s really practical, genuine, supportive and very good at gently teaching, especially in a way that doesn’t feel preachy or judgemental. She builds rapport quickly and in a genuine manner.

I couldn’t do in practice what I understood in theory. I didn’t know what it looked like. I had no idea of the differences in her cries, how long was okay, how long was too short, how long was mean – I just didn’t know what it looked like.

Leisa helped me define my role and responsibilities and took away lots of Mum guilt and gave me permission to not be a slave to my baby (which wasn’t what my baby wanted or needed). She could cut through the emotion of the situation – actually your baby isn’t heartbroken, she’s just whinging. It’s okay. Let her cry for a while longer!

Leisa could see the bigger picture and helped me to see it. I was so desperate for some SLEEP that I was using lots of short term measures that were making the long term harder / worse without realising it.

Adelle Friswell


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