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Your Ultimate Guide to soothe your crying baby.

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Ever feel like you’re the only one in the world still awake

with a sleepless baby?

Baby sleep issues can turn your days and nights into a long-haul struggle. Instead of enjoying your baby like you imagined you would, you drag yourself from one sleep-time to the next. You’re trapped in a frustrating cycle of clock-watching, fatigue and silent hoping.

Please go to sleep…

Please stay asleep for long enough…

The baby’s asleep. Don’t make a sound!

Not to mention the elaborate soothing rituals you experiment with like some sort of three-ring, baby-settling circus. Rocking, singing, walks, drives, dummies, feeding…

Nothing really works. The baby’s grizzly. Or screaming. Or wakes the instant they’re put in the cot. Baby sleeping through the night seems like a fantasy! You’re exhausted, isolated—and worse, you feel like you’re failing at being a mum.

You’re not failing and you’re not alone.

It’s just that your baby hasn’t yet learnt healthy sleep habits. Once you understand baby sleeping patterns, you can help your little one establish healthy habits that will feel like a gift to you both. Your baby will sleep longer at a stretch, sleep through the night and wake happier.

The approaches you’ll find here are kind, gentle, flexible and effective. They work with children up to four—no matter what has gone on before (even if you’re thinking, “but my baby is particularly obstinate!”)

Getting your baby’s sleep sorted will transform your life as a parent, and your relationship with your baby.

”Simple, straight forward, non-threatening and non-judgmental. Very worthwhile.” ”Leisa has been so helpful. Her knowledge is extensive and she communicates this well. Our bub is doing better already.” ”Leisa was an amazing help – will recommend to everyone I know.” ”Leisa offered really practical tips in the context of our family’s structure. Very helpful.” ”Excellent advice given sensitively and professionally, will use again and have already recommended to others.” “Leisa is very personable and very motivated to get stuff done!” “Hi Leisa. I followed your advice this morning and had a win for her morning sleep. Thank you. You provide such great advice.” “I had another quick win for A’s afternoon sleep. Just went in once to say sleep time and gave her a little pat for a few seconds. She put herself to sleep in 15 minutes and no major crying. I just want to say your advice is brilliant and spot on. You do have a gift as your website says. Thank you again.”

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